Family Says Someone Swiped Their Dog in Manhattan

A Manhattan family said someone swiped their Chihuahua while a pet sitter went to pick up pizza earlier this month.

Christina Roig said she thinks whoever took her dog, named Theo, when a pet sitter stopped for pizza at East 78th Street and Lexington Avenue on a rainy day recently did so with “good intentions” and that they’re hoping the pup will be returned.

“It’s really important for me and my sons to have this dog back,” Roig said. “He’s just a member of the family.”

Roig said a family member was watching the dog while she was away on business when the dog was stolen. She said that if the person who took the dog did so assuming that it wasn’t being taken care of.

“I just wish they had the full set of facts about what went on and they knew that I was out of the country and Theo in fact has a loving home with two boys who care for him very much," she said.

Roig hired a private investigator who was able to obtain surveillance footage from the moment the dog was taken. It shows Theo tugging to go back to the store as the person who took him keeps walking.

Roig said she just wants the dog returned and is offering a cash reward.

"I have no desire to get anyone in trouble,” she said.

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