YOUR PHOTOS: Celebrating Father’s Day

There’s no other day like the day we honor fatherhood. Such a special day to connect, love and celebrate our dearly loved dad. NBC New York viewers celebrate fatherhood by sharing these photos of their fathers, and explaining what their fathers means to them. Send us your photo with your dad – and dads, send us your photos with your kids – by emailing them to or uploading them here:

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David Ushery sent us this photo with his son Austin spending a great time together. Happy Fathers Day!
Happy Father's Day weekend to all you dads! NBC New York anchor Chuck Scarborough posted this photo of his father on his Facebook page. He says: This is my father's military ID when he was a 22 year old bomber pilot in WWII. At the age of 90 he returned to the heavens he commanded so long ago, but is always in our hearts. Especially on Father's Day.
"This is my dad with my sons Axel and Beckett – taken in March, when he got to meet them for the first time," Contessa Brewer says.
NBC New York reporter Sheldon Dutes with his dad Frantz.
Gus Rosendale sent us this photo with his father Stephen on Long Beach, Long Island, when he was a child!
Tom Llamas sharing moments with his daughter.
Tom Llamas sent us this photo with his dad, Luis.
Tracie Strahan sent us this photo in her special moment wit her father, Herman.
This little cutie is NBC New York reporter Katherine Creag with her dad, Valentino. He's going to turn 80 in July. Happy Father's Day!
NBC New York reporter Brian Thompson with his daughters Alex and Nikki.
Happy Father's Day! Here is NBC New York Reporter Brian Thompson a few years ago celebrating his Birthday with his Dad!
"My dad Staff Sgt. Michael Dudzic. He is the coolest and bravest guy I know. He is a Marine and probably the most funny and caring guy who has always been there for me and my baby sister. Even when he was across the world in other countries, he makes time to talk and make us feel special. I think he is a special man for how he never gives up on anything and always encourages me to do my absolute best. I am lucky to have him as my dad," daughter Bryanna Dudzic shares.
"I'm 32 years old, and for 32 years my father has been my best friend. He would do anything for me, as I would for him. We share countless memories that tell the story of our lives as father and daughter, and although he lives in Florida and I live in New York, we maintain our best frienditude, even when we're an entire coast away from each other." Marissa Sampson says.
Rachel Hirschheimer sent us this photo of her with her Dad! Happy Father's Day!
"This is me and my dad in 1992. Never in my life there was ever a person I looked more up to then my father Mohammed. I love you dad," Omar Hamouda says.
Eighteen-month-old Gianna gets her glance of Lake Waywayanda in Hewitt, N.J., holding hands with her daddy, Ray who is an avid bass fisherman, Doreen Albano says.
"My Dad Ben was the best! Here we are in 1947, the year I was born. My Dad passed in 1982 but not before he taught me how to put a worm on a fish hook, that the NY Yankees were better than the Brooklyn Dodgers, and that girls could do anything boys could do. You were way ahead of your time, Ben," Mary R Edwards says.
"My father was an extremely hard working immigrant from Ireland. He was always full of life. Smart, loyal and always trustworthy, he exemplified the meaning of making one's life better in the United States. He passed in 1996. The photo is of my Dad, Jim Murphy, and myself, Mary Murphy Kaminski, in 1980 at my wedding." Mary Kaminski says.
"I lost my dad, Philip in 2009. There are many things that have been said to describe my dad. He was kind-hearted, hard working, sincere, funny, generous, strong, dependable. But of all the descriptions that i have heard people say about my father was simply that he was a good man. even though the word "good" is such a small and common word, it describes him perfectly. he adored his family as much as we adored him. He meant so much to us. He was not only a loving son, a loyal brother, a faithful husband and an adoring father, he was our friend, our comedian, our protector...our everything. He would do anything for us if he was asked and would do anything for us even if he wasn't simply because he loved us. My dad will be missed by anyone who has known him because he was not only a good man...he was a GREAT man. One of the greatest i have ever or will ever know. He taught me how to be a better person. i can only hope to be as solid of a rock for my family as he was for ours." Karen McQueen says.
"I love this man so much. He can be so funny and I know that no matter what he will always have my back. I even have an armband tattoo that matched my twin sister that says daddy's little girl!" Jennifer Miele says.
"Happy Father's Day to my fabulous Dad and fellow Rutgers Scarlet Knight!" Nancy Foulks says.
"So many things I could say about my dad and why he is so great to me. But to put it in one word; he is simply AMAZING. Today we will be celebrating his one year of his death; the most hardest thing I ever had to go through," Sarah Padilla says.
Our dad turns 67 years old this year, but he taught us to remain kids at heart, Ann Hitlall says. He is a free spirit and because of him I've learned not to sweat the small stuff and that comes in handy when we face our greatest challenges. He is a kind, humble and quiet soul who in his own quiet way has shaped both my sister and I into the people we are. We couldn't have asked for a better father.
Joan Marciniak Betancourt sent us this photo of her father and her. Photo was taken in 1962 in Perth Amboy, N
Father and son quality time! Happy Father's Day!
"All aboard the dad train! Happy Father's Day to my awesome dad." Brian Norris says.
"My dad was vivacious, full of life, a die hard New Yorker, loving, caring, and kind. Sadly I lost my best friend in 2006 to colon cancer. Every Father's Day since has been hard but looking at this picture helps to make me smile. This picture was taken 22 years ago on my first birthday. The look on my dad's face is filled with love and pride," Amanda shares.
My favorite photo with my father. He went to heaven 26 years ago. He taught me how to be an honest, caring and good person, Debra Josephine says.
User @baldbychoice sent us this photo on instagram among this lovely quote, "Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers. My siblings and I have been BLESSED with a hardworking, responsible, loving, caring, funny dad. He's been there for us since day one. He always puts family first. Thanks for always giving us love and taking care of your family. May God continue to pour BLESSINGS on him today and always."
"A fun day out on my boat in Great South Bay with my grandson Tucker." Paul Coonelly says.
Like father, like son! Maureen Breslin sent us this photo of her husband and her baby.
Words can't describe how much I love my father. He always believed in me and loved me. His example has led me to work hard, and to keep going after my dreams. He is such a great human being whom I admire the most. I love you Dad, thanks to you I am where I am, says Valeria Gonzalez, social media intern at NBC New York.
Sarah sent us this photo with her Dad. Happy Father's Day!
User @saminthecitynyc send us this photo of her and her father! Father and daughter quality time!
Moraima Cook sent us this photo of her husband and sons at the dinosaur park. Happy Father's Day!
"Lost my Dad in 1990, I miss him so much. Still love him more then life itself. He taught me so much and we shared so many interests. I think of him every day." Joan Franklin Schmidt says.
A father is a daughter's first love.
"My dad is my biggest fan!" Patty says.
There are too many words in the dictionary to describe what my Dad means to me. One thing I can think of is that my Dad is like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman & the Fantastic Four. He is my SuperHero. He works very hard and i love him!
Granted, I'm not in the picture, but this summarizes why my father is the best around. This is a picture of my brother, my son and my amazing Dad. He gives his whole heart to anything and everything that we do, (embarrassing himself in the process or not.) He is the hardest working, kindest hearted man I've ever known (no one compares!) He loves his family and goes above and beyond for us and anyone else that he knows. We're blessed to not only be able to call him Dad, Grandpa, Gramps, or Dr. Phil (he could pass for his twin in both looks and advice expertise!), but also our friend, Keryn Frampton says.
Elizabeth Marques sent us this photo of her husband and her son walking on the beach.
David and his son spending quality time together. Happy Father's Day!
William Stallone sent this photo of him with his best friends with their sons.
Happy first Father's Day to a great father, Vincenza Deserio says.
The "T-Rex selfie," sent by Joseph Cinque.
"Our father, Richard Harnly believed in treating us to be self sufficient people. Wet bathing one piece bathing suits were beyond our small child control. Right after this photo from Huntsville, Alabama in 1970, he taught us how to waterski," Tamara Busch says.
"He is an amazing dad and a true champion who's fighting pancreatic cancer," Suzette Delgado says.
"He's someone that always puts others first. This was taken in 2009 and still one of my favorite pictures of us." Frank Delligatti says.
"Happy Father's Day to the man who taught me about baseball and life. Thank you for all that you have done to give your five kids an awesome life. We love you." Kerry Ballinger says.
Family toasting to all being together! Happy Father's Day!
A selfie with my dad, my best friend, Salvatore Delano wrote.
NBC New York's social media editor Coralie Carlson with her dad Robert in 1979.
Father and son sharing great moments.
Like father like son.
Two faces with one smile and best dad in the world, Rashmi Kaul shares.
Tom Mollahan with his daughters. Happy Father's Day!
"My Dad was my best friend, we shared a career in TV and a love of the NY Mets. I miss him a lot," Maureen Stamm says.
Happy Father's Day!
A man who worked his whole life to take care of five children, and still does the best he can to this day. He is the strongest, funniest, smartest, kindest man I've ever known, and I've loved him since the first day we met, Lauren Kicinski says.
User @lolonyc sent us this photo through instagram. "Happy Fathers Day to one of the best dads out there. He is always supportive, a great listener and a lot of fun...I love you Dad!!!" she says.
"Thank you for being there for me Dad. You cheer me up every day. Love you." Evelyn Melendez shares.
Tommy with the best Daddy ever, Kalli Triantafillakis says.
My daughter and I in our PJ's for our Saturday morning boat ride before breakfast, James Lautenbacher says.
Father and son enjoying a kiddie ride together.
Family Melendez enjoying some quality time together. Happy Father's Day!
A quality time with my daughters Ashley and Sarah, Herbert Silva says.
Proud father with his son! Happy Father's Day!
"This is my favorite picture of my father and I on my wedding day, 26 years ago yesterday. Edward Foley, or "Big Ed" as he was known, was the most loyal, generous and loving man to his family and friends. I have many fond memories of creating science projects with him, of Dad laying on the floor with his head under my kitchen sink because something needed fixing, and clearly remember him racing up the NYS Thruway with an extra key when I locked myself out of my condo right before a business trip. He was a NYPD police officer for 28 years and a member of the NYS Army National Guard for 42 years. He was happiest when he was serving others and he is greatly missed!" Eileen Warbrick says.
My hero, my dad and my ever loving supporter, Dorothy Rack says. Taken in New York City 1962 near Central Park.
David Cuevas and David Jr enjoying a beautiful day together.
"My biological father decided a long time ago not to be involved in my life. My mother met my step father when I was 10 years old and ever since then he has taken me in and treated me like his own flesh and blood daughter. There's something special about a man who chooses to be your father rather than by default. My father Brian Lockwood is the most amazing, caring, hardworking, selfless person I know and I am extremely lucky he came into my life," says Danielle Felton of Patchogue, N.Y.
Dad is a WW veteran who landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. I am eternally grateful to him and celebrate his bravery. As a proud American, I am forever humbled. Love him to the sky and back, Cynthia Dalton says.
Family Deanda sent us this photo.
Angelo Avena and his father spending time together.
Casey sent us this photo with her dad.
"My dad is so special because he calls me his best buddy and he is my best buddy," says Ronan Connolly, age 6.
Quality father-son time.
"35 years ago and now," Birmania says.
"Bonding time with my handsome son Nathaniel," Carlos Rivera says.
David and Gabriella sharing some love with their father! Happy Fathers Day!
A father is a son's first hero. Happy Fathers Day!
Father and son enjoying the best moments together. Happy Fathers Day!
Jay Tanner sent us this photo of a good moment with his father on the beach.
"My Dad worked hard all of his life and made so many sacrifices for me and my brother. He passed away May 8 so this will be my first Father's Day without him. This picture is just one of the great memories I have of him. RIP Dad. Happy Father's Day in Heaven!" Jennifer Kliche says.
Father John LoSchiavo sent us this photo of him and his two kids. Happy Fathers day!!
"My father and me at a friend's wedding. Unfortunately, he passed away 25 years ago, 10 days before my wedding. His presence was felt that day and every day since," Kris Rovell says.
"This was our last New Year - 2007 - with dad, he passed away 27 days later," Marion Zink says.
Father and daughter having quality time together. Happy Father's day!
"We love him for who he is," Nimcy says.
Fiona and Daddy at bedtime, Paula Osorio says.
"Happy Father's Day to the dad who always lend us an ear, a shoulder, whatever he had available! Love you daddy! King Tritan rules!" Allie Duggan says.
My brother has three girls and it's kind of funny because he grew up with five sisters. He wouldn't change a thing about it, his sisters implied.
Janel Zacchilli sent us this photo of her husband, Major Michael Zacchilli and her two boys, John and Michael Jr. Happy Father's Day!
Antonella with her daddy at a family event, Kayla Baglino says.
Lovely father-son moments.
Daniel Cunningham sent us this photo of him as a child with his father. Happy Father's Day!!
Happy Father's Day!
5 generations of Rosario. Happy Father's Day!! RIP Great grandpa & Grandpa..
Happy Father's Day from Donter and Sydney Taylor in Huntington, N.Y.
Staff Sgt. Kenneth Cruz and his fabulous five. Happy Father's Day!
Sue Perez and her "Babu" Joe!
Cynthia Clark sent us this photo of her father as dad as a young man in his 20's and now he is 87. His name is Donald Clark. Happy Father's Day!
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