Long Island Couple Delivers Baby Girl in Starbucks Parking Lot

A Long Island couple headed to the hospital for the birth of their baby girl quickly had to improvise in the parking lot of a Starbucks when they realized the baby wasn't wasting any time.

Casey and Matt Dobler were driving on County Route 111 in Manorville Wednesday night when Casey went into labor, according to Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services. Matt called 911, and dispatcher Marlo Van Houten coached him through the birth. 

She instructed him to ensure the baby was breathing, to tie off the umbilical cord and to keep the newborn warm, Suffolk officials said. 

Emergency responders arrived soon after and took the baby and mother to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson. 

"I have been through some crazy things in life... But I have to say delivering out baby in a Starbucks parking lot tops anything I've ever done," Matt Dolber wrote on Facebook.

The baby girl was named Sailor Jewel Dolber. 

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