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Viral Video Has People Questioning Dating Expectations



    Viral Video Has People Questioning Dating Expectations

    It's available on your favorite gadgets -- a new hit Youtube sensation creating a buzz and a debate in the African-American community when it comes to relationships.

    The cartoon highlights stereotypes as to why some say its hard for a successful black woman to find a good man.
    We showed the piece titled 'black marriage negotiation' created by an anonymous user at to several clients at Adrian Fanus Grooming, an upscale hair salon in Brooklyn.

    Musician and actress Candace Meredith along with filmaker Tamika M'bule found the clips amusing but somewhat true for some black women, but not all.

    "Now, I used to have a long list too. Don't get it twisted. Ha!" said Meredith. "Which was unrealistic but you can ask for things that you're not."

    What Women Want

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    Cartoon on black women ideals
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    "Its frustrating because I think every woman wants to be taken care of," said M'bule.

    Owner, Adrian Fanus says there are tons of good men out there. The stylist accuses women of all colors of having a long list of needs and 'wants'.

    "If you actually take time to get to know somebody a lot of times you can weed out the negative ones," said Fanus.

    O'Neil Bryan, a business student at Fordham, says he hasn't dated a black woman in 7 years.

    "She wanted to get married. At that time, I'm 29 now, seven years ago I was 22," said Bryan.

    Bryan, however says he does not discriminate. "I tried to date a couple of black girls this year but it just didn't work out."

    Essence Magazine relationship editor Demetria Lucas is here to help, "We've evolved. We've had like a feminists movement. Women are making more money. They're in the workplace. But we still have some old fashion values about things. So you kind of want the guy to pay but at the same time you want him to respect your independence," said Lucas.  

    Lucas is finishing up a book titled Abelle in Brooklyn on tips when it comes to finding that good man. So whether you're black, white, Hispanic, Asian...whatever the case careful when it comes to your wish list, you might find yourself all alone.