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The Grinch Who Stole Street Fairs

Citing costs, Bloomberg to nix some street fairs



    The Grinch Who Stole Street Fairs
    Bloomberg wants to take a bite out of street fairs.

    New York City's government cash crunch might take a bite out of the city's ubiquitous summer street fairs.
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that he wants to scale back the number of fairs as a way of cutting Police Department expenses.
    The police spent $4 million on overtime to staff 321 fairs last year.
    Bloomberg says he loves the fairs like everybody else, but the cost may be too much.

    "Look, I love going down and having one of those hot sausages like anybody else," Bloomberg said on his weekly WOR-AM radio show. "But you do disrupt traffic, you do lose commerce in other parts of the city, and the police department has to provide on overtime ... and it just may be something we can't afford."

    The city brought in $1.6 million from street fairs last year (vendors give the city 20 percent if the fair runs longer than a block), but the city had to shell out $2.4 million in overtime fees, reports the Daily News.

    The mayor had previously said he also wants to shorten parades in the city and limit them to no more than five hours.