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PCB Found in Brooklyn's PS 11 in Fort Greene Section



    PCB Found in Brooklyn's PS 11 in Fort Greene Section

    "Yes, I'm shocked," said James Young. "That's some new information and I'm sure there are other parents that are not aware of the situation."

    James young just learned of the latest finds of PCB here at his son's school along with parent Schevon Lowe.

    "Whatever it is, the city needs to clean it up!" said Lowe.

    Neither one of them are okay with the latest news coming out of an environmental protection agency report that shows - of the 28 samples taken from aging light fixtures here at PS 11...eighteen have PCB levels higher than federal law permits.

    The dangers? The levels could lead to serious health problems for students and school staff members.

    "Reduced IQ, disruption to the immune system and disruptions to the respiratory system," said Kate Terenzi.

    Terenzi works with the New York Lawyers for the Public Interests and said the time to act is now.   

    "Immediately address the problem to reduce the exposure to children's health," said Terenzi.           
    PCB's - polychlorinated biphenyls- are chemicals that were used for nearly 30 years during condtruction.
    Ballasts in older light fixtures have been found to leak PCB's.
    Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal told the Wall Street Journal - "I think its time the Department of Education woke up and started taking action."
    A number of other schools have tested for illegal levels of PCB over the past couple weeks including two schools on Staten Island.

    The NYC Department of Education fired back in this statement saying, "We are inspecting all the light fixtures at the school. If we see stains or residue, we will remove the light fixture."
    Ms. Hernandez, a grandparent of three at PS 11, is calling on city leaders to do away with the politics over a huge bill that could cost the city millions of dollars to clean up the toxic problems and to put safety as their main priority.

    "no one's child should be sitting in a classroom with this around their environment," said Ms. Hernandez.