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Dog Fight in Rockville Centre



    Dog Fight in Rockville Centre
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    Does this Pitbull look scary?

    Amigo the German Shephard is legal. Frankie the Pit Bull is not.

    That distinction between dog breeds has caused an uproar in Rockville Centre, which outlawed Pitbulls and Rottweilers earlier this month.  Village trustees said those varities can pose too much of a menace to the community.

    But animal rights advocates told NBCNewYork that the law is discrimination against dogs.

    Village Trustees voted Tuesday night to suspend the ban due to all the opposition.

    "I think it's a bad idea to ban any breed," said Diane Conyers from Queens, who traveled to Rockville Centre to make her case that animals should not be banned in the Nassau County village. "There's a lot of folks that have very good, well behaved pitbulls and rotweillers."

    Jennifer DeFrank also made the trek, from Brooklyn. "If they"re going to infringe on the rights of Rockville Centre, they're going to infringe on the rights of all New York," said DeFrank.

    But Rockville Centre police have said they've had multiple complaints about menacing pit bulls who have frightened neighbors.

    The ban will be readdressed at a public hearing set for July 20.