10 Unbelievable Complaints of Bad Behavior by New Jersey Toll Collectors

You have to be pretty angry to take time out of your day to file a complaint about a toll collector. But it appears hundreds of New Jersey drivers are mad enough to do just that.

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Location: Unknown, New Jersey Turnpike

Complaint: First of all she was yelling at me to hurry up when I was trying to get my change for her. I gave her $5.00 and was getting the other $1.65 when she yelled at me, “THIS ISN’T ENOUGH MONEY I SAID 6.65” and mumbled under her breath “You’re so dumb.” When I gave her the rest of the money she had a cigarette hanging from her arm and her ashes got on my hand and arm.




Location: East Orange, Garden State Pkwy


Complaint: I proceeded to drive through the cash/receipts lane and handed the toll collector a $5 bill. He handed me back $4.50, but the money had blood all over it…[name redacted] asked another employee to exchange the money that was given to me with clean money. When I got to my destination and went to use the money, I noticed that one of the dollars was the same dollar that was given to me with the blood on it. Whomever handled it simply wiped the blood off and gave me back the same money.




Location: Secaucus Transfer Station, New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint: [Complainant] is handicapped. At Int 15X at 16.18 on Friday, [the collector] dropped the money, told the patron to get out of the car and get the money and they made fun of him with arm movements.


Location: Delaware Memorial Bridge, New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint: Patron claims collector dropped money when handed to him. Collector made homophobic slurs.


Location: East Orange, Garden State Parkway

Complaint: The employee...engaged the driver of the vehicle by first saying hi. She responded back and he continued saying how it was “so hot out” to which she smiled and nodded in agreement. He then went on to say something to the effect of “I know you all are hot, I’d be hot too if I had to wear that monkey suit like you.” Please note that we are black women, and that at the time of the incident were in full garb as we are Muslim and were on our way to prayer.


Location: NJ-3, Lincoln Tunnel, Secaucus, New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint: While collector returned coin portion of change, 25 cents made it into hand, 40 cents landed on ground. Collector refused to replace, told patron, “You dropped it.” Patron is disabled.


Location: NJ-33, Hightstown, Freehold, New Jersey Turnpike

Complaint: Last night my girlfriend was exiting the NJ Turnpike. She attempted to hand her toll payment to the man in the booth. He grabbed her hand and pulled it to him. She jerked her hand back and he then proceeded to tell her how beautiful a woman she was. She then told him she does not like men. His reply to her was, “That’s because you have not been [explicit] by a Puerto Rican man before.” I am not sure what your hiring requirements are, but you need to evaluate your employees more closely.


Location:NJ-3, Lincoln Tunnel, Secaucus New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint:Patron states that collector "snatched" money and ticket out of his hand and the change was thrown back at him. Patron also states that collector told him to [expletive] his mother then a rock was thrown at his car.


Location: NJ-3, Lincoln Tunnel, Secaucus, New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint: After the toll was paid, collector was “acting funny.” Patron claimed that collector was asking for money, if he could “help out.” Patron said he didn’t have money and that’s when collector spit at him.


Location:NJ-3, Sportsplex, E. Rutherford, New Jersey Turnpike


Complaint:[Patron] says he drives from 7A every day to 16W. He was shorted once before but did not report it, but this time he was shorted $9.00. The patron stated to me that this was the second time he had to wake her up from sleeping. [He] gave the collector $20.05 from 7A and she returned to him $3 not $12.

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