Would a UWS Redo Be Pedestrian Paradise & Car Hell?

Here's one that should get those morning juices stewing: a proposal to cut the number of traffic lanes on Broadway for the benefit of pedestrians and bicyclists. Actually, it's "A Blueprint for the Upper West Side" that covers improvements for the whole neighborhood and it's a document that runs to 51 pages. It comes from Transportation Alternatives and the Post puts it this way: "The Upper West Side could become paradise for pedestrians but hell for motorists if one local advocacy group has its way." You can almost feel the love all the way downtown. Basically, the idea is this: cut Broadway on the UWS from six lanes of traffic to four and install protected bike lanes and then do a lot of other things to other streets too to make them friendlier for pedestrians and bicyclists. Broadway gets protected bike lanes. Some big crosstown streets "will get only about 15 feet of driving space in the recommendations"--the rest of the space goes to pedestrian curbs and angle parking. Amsterdam Avenue would also get extended sidewalks and a protected bike lane. There is much, much more in the report.
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