Um, No: You Know You Want It Edition

Does anybody else find it off-putting that nearly everyone who showed up to the party for Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman's new book "You Know You Want It" looked a little less than stylish?

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Blake Lively seemed to be on her way to a Motley Crue show, rather than a book party at Bendel's. Honestly, the leather leggings are pretty cool (are they perforated? We can't tell), but the combination of leather leggings and black-bra-under-a-white-unbuttoned-blouse is just a little much.
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Leighton Meester has great legs, but is wearing what can be described less as a miniskirt and more of a postage stamp. And mixing hot pink neon and a purple pattern. And a slightly sheer gray jacket. It's like she grabbed whatever she saw first and put it together.
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Michelle Trachtenberg's chic navy-and-black dress is rather pretty, and the chunky necklace she wore is also quite striking, but somehow adding ultra-dark lips, slicked-back hair, and lots more black gave the whole look an oddly goth effect.
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Jessica Szohr seems to be the only cast member who managed to pull off a chic look, though wiht all the black-on-black it wasn't exactly a red carpet thrill.
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Even socialite and non-cast member Olivia Palermo, who's usually pretty on point when it comes to style, made a rather unfortunate choice of an upholstery-inspired patterned velvet dress.
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And finally, the man of the hour: stylist-turned-author Eric Daman. We applaud him for wearing a tuxedo to his book party (who doesn't look smashing in a tuxedo?) but piles of bracelets and rings, added to a bow-tie covered in skulls, seems a bit over-the-top for our tastes.
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