Tracking Marchesa Through Red Carpet Season: Which Dresses Make the Cut

Now updated with Fall's runway looks! As the 2012 award season kicks off, we're counting down the top looks from their past two collections to see which make it to the carpet.

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Since its founding back in 2004, Marchesa has been a red carpet go-to for stars. For the current award season, the collections that will be mined the most for possible gowns is Spring 2012 and Fall 2012. Here, we track the best dresses through award season, counting down which gowns will still be available come Oscar time.
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A Contender: Supermodel Karen Elson (who rarely walks the runway anymore) sported this gold, fringed look on the Marchesa runway, and the look got a lot of play in Fashion Week round-ups.
Out of the Running: We were skeptical that this runway look would make it to the red carpet without a few modifications, and Shailene Woodley's stunning turn at the Golden Globes was proof that a few tweaks (and minimal accessories) can create a transporting ensemble.
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A Contender: These days, you can tell a collection's best looks by what model Karlie Kloss is wearing. This one has enough "oomph" for a major red carpet, but the silhouette might overwhelm someone curvier than Karlie.
Out of the Running: Model Bar Rafaeli wore this ruffled nude gown back in October at the Whitney Museum of American Art Gala.
Out of the Running: "Glee"'s Lea Michele sported this short, fringed dress to the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 11.
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A Contender: Statement-making feathers on the top, slim and flattering toward the bottom -- perfect for the Globes or a red carpet that doesn't require a full-length gown.
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A Contender: While this look also suffers from the "unflattering silhouette" syndrome (hello, feathers at the hips), we wouldn't be surprised to see this look with modifications on the red carpet.
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A Contender: With a few adjustments, this dress would be the perfect choice for a star looking to make a "look at me" impact on a red carpet.
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A Contender: No self-respecting star would keep the fringed white jacket with the look, but the gown itself is a lovely color and rendered in a flattering neutral. That said, there are more show-stopping gowns in the rest of the collection.
Out of the Running: Blake Lively went all-out for the November party celebrating "Gossip Girl"'s 100th episode by wearing this eye-catching dress, featuring embroidered birds and white fringe.
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A Contender: Despite the cloud of tulle surrounding this gown, the spectacular embroidery and peek of leg at the front offers enough of a glimpse at the silhouette to satisfy a star.
Maybe Out of the Running: While this pale lilac gown hasn't made it to the red carpet yet, it did make it into the December issue of Vogue, worn by Charlize Theron and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. We'd wager that makes it a less ideal choice for a fellow celebrity who wants to wear something truly "new."
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A Contender: Flattering and subtle, this dress would be a good option for a star that wants to wear Marchesa, but perhaps isn't svelte enough to pull off some of the body-skimming looks.
Out of the Running: Michelle Monaghan looked ravishing in this flouncy Marchesa cocktail dress at the 2011 Whitney Museum of American Art Gala in October.
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Unlikely: Even if the mop-like shrug can be detached, the look feels a bit too nightgown-ish for an awards season. It may make an appearance at an after-party, but there are more interesting dresses in the collection.
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A Contender: On-trend elements (like a peplum waist) and silver threading make this a tantalizing option, even if the bust is a bit avant-garde.
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A Contender: On the right star (and with a slip, of course), this could make a big red carpet splash. The feathers look exquisite in motion, and the hemline could be adjusted if the longer length felt over-the-top.
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A Contender: This metallic look is quite flattering, and the silvery fringe gives the dress just the right level of risk.
Unlikely: We would have bet that this tulle gown wouldn't have been a red carpet contender anyway -- it's a bit too muumuu-like for celebrities. Stacy Keibler recently wore a more flattering take on the same look (also by Marchesa) to the National Board of Review Awards in New York on January 10.
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A Contender: A high-fashion choice for one of the less-formal red carpet.
Out of the Running: We correctly predicted that this statement-making gown would make a big red carpet appearance, though we were surprised that Lea Michele took the plunge at the Golden Globes. The look didn't quite shine on the "Glee" starlet, though it's worth noting that unflattering runway elements like details at the hip were removed for Michele's debut.
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A Contender: It's strapless, it has a fashion-forward peplum waist, and it's slim through the thighs. It's got as good a chance of making it to a red carpet as any.
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A Contender: It's a daring look, to be sure -- between the serpentine tulle embellishments and the sheer panels -- but a high fashion star like Charlize Theron might just take the plunge.
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A Contender: With a lining at the top, this would make a lovely Golden Globes ensemble.
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A Contender: While it's far too princess-y for our tastes, this piece has a very decent shot at the Academy Awards red carpet.
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A Contender: Much like the gold fringe look that Karen Elson wore in the show, this one is a bold, "look at me" choice for the right celebrity. That said: Sadly, few women these days are brave enough for head-to-toe gold fringe.
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Marchesa's Fall 2012 collection included some more dramatic looks, as well as a few darker options that likely won't make it to an optimistic event like the Oscars. Here are our favorites. A Contender: Yes, it's big. Yes, it's poufy. But this bold red gown will pretty much ensure that all eyes are on the actress wearing it, and it also has enough flamenco charm to keep it from feeling prom-y.
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A Contender: Liquid-like metallics was one of the biggest trends on the New York fall galleries, and this gilded stunner was one of the week's overall stand-outs. The twisted fabric at the hip may present a hiccup for some actresses, but it's been done before, and the rest of the silhouette is just stunning.
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A Contender: We'd love to see this swan-like gown on one of the night's younger actresses -- Shailene Woodley, perhaps? -- because of the fresh length and the dramatic feathers at the hem.
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A Contender: This icy-silver gown is pitch-perfect Marchesa: a flattering cut that toes the line between sexy and regal.
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A Contender: This bronze-gold option has all of the benefits of some of the other embroidered Marchesa gowns, but we're betting the deeper, bolder color inches it ahead of its competitors since it will appear more photo-ready on the red carpet.
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