Backstage and On The Runway at Marc Jacobs

The look was couture with a futuristic twist at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2011 runway show.

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The look was couture with a futuristic twist at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2011 runway show. Here, the backstage lineup showing each of the models in their looks.
Nars created the makeup look for the show, which was pinned as an example on each backstage station.
Francois Nars demonstrates the heavy eyeshadow look to the other makeup artists finishing the look on all the different models.
One of the main components of the look was a blush, applied towards the bottom end of the cheek -- a forward-thinking alternative to the traditional, high-cheekbones blush.
The resulting look was still flattering, but definitely a bit off-kilter -- a nice counterpoint to the dramatic eyeliner, which also swooped downward at the outer corners of the eyes.
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The finished look was a nice complement to Jacobs' high-concept collection, which juxtaposed couture-inspired silhouettes with synthetic materials like rubber and vinyl.
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A skirt composed of rubber made to look like sequins is paired with a cropped sweater and blouse.
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A high-waist '40s pencil skirt with a blouse and beret.
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Polka dots littered the collection -- from pencil skirts to tights to cabochon-topped berets.
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An old-fashioned-looking print with a lace neckline is topped with a playful polka dot beret.
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A slim-cut pencil skirt paired with a black blouse with billowing sleeves, all topped off with a vinyl beret.
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More polka dots: Here, as embellishments on a '40s-inspired suit.
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Some of the final looks at Marc Jacobs felt purely traditional, like this gorgeous lace dress, rendered in navy.
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