No Surprise: Manhattanites are Skinny

Manhattan was just bestowed the covetous distinction of skinniest county in the country. Nevermind that the people interviewed were all eating at Balthazar or working out in posh gyms. Frankly, we were a smidge embarassed by a lot of the characters in the article. Anyone who lives in New York knows it's an island of extremes, but we don't exactly feel well represented by Balthazar bench-haunting chain-smokers.

Now, maybe it's just us, but isn't it becoming common knowledge that much of the fashion elite is beginning to jump ship to Brooklyn? That should start affecting these numbers a little bit in the next few years, we'd bet. Sarah Jessica Parker's rumored to be fleeing the west village, and tons of designers -- from the Vena Cava girls to Rachel Comey -- already have studios in Brooklyn. That said, any fashionistas heading across river should beware -- the restaurant's are excellent and the drinks are cheap, which is a recipe for weight gain if we ever heard one.

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