Sarah Palin Is (on a Piece of) Toast; Will Sushi Go Sustainable?

• A piece of toast bearing the likeness of Sarah Palin is up for auction on eBay through tomorrow. Current bidding price: $12,100. Seriously. [Slashfood]

• You know that statistic people like to throw around about food traveling 1,500 miles from farm to plate on average? Well, it turns out that's only partially correct, and it really only applies to you if you live in Chicago. [Slate]

• At last, it seems there may be hope that sushi chefs will start focusing on using sustainable species of fish rather than continuing to destroy the environment left and right. [Gourmet]

• The Observer continues its recent list-making mania with this fairly predictable lineup of best spots for midnight meals, including Fatty Crab, the Spotted Pig, and Blue Ribbon. [NYO]

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