Lifetime Files Countersuit in ‘Project Runway' Legal Mess

Doomed, we tell you. Doomed!

Late Tuesday night Lifetime dug its boot deeper into the Project Runway legal mess. The network filed a countersuit against the Weinstein Co., NBC Universal, and Bravo demanding exclusive rights over the show. To recap: First, NBC sued the Weinstein Co. for selling the show to Lifetime, then Lifetime filed a motion to move the case from state to federal court, then the Weinstein Co. sued Bravo, and now Lifetime is countersuing all of 'em! It's an orgy of lawsuits, people! We may as well call it Project Lawsuit from now on. Searching for the proper metaphor to describe it is like searching for the proper metaphor to describe the economic crisis. It's like when the person who lives upstairs leaves the bathtub running and forgets about it — at first the paint on the ceiling just bubbles, but then the bubbles grow down the wall, and before you know it, water is gushing into your lighting fixtures and then out of the ceiling like a waterfall, ruining your hardwood floors, making the time it takes to clean it all up that much longer. And then you go to the super and he says he doesn't know when the electrician can come fix your light because it's Thanksgiving and the flooring people are out all week too, and you have no idea when you'll get your apartment back to normal. Ugh! So the moral of the story is, Project Runway shall remain off the air indefinitely, most likely for a very long time. And the economy is still a soggy floorboard.

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