Musicians Taking It to the Streets

Remember last summer when there were bands playing all over the place on that one day? They were out on sidewalks, in front of bars, in parks, on stoops, plazas, gardens and in whatever public place they could be crammed—wherever a cord could reach, a generator could be lugged, or an acoustic guitar and tambourine brought. It was, if you'll recall, the first day of summer, and it made New York feel, if just for a day, like a place where we're all in this together.

Well, it's on the way back with the warm weather (the feeling and the event, called Make Music New York). And if you are thinking right now, "Hey, I want to sing beautiful love songs to summer and all New York — outside no less," then you, friend, are in luck. The event is open to all who want to take part. The long day of free outdoor concerts is June 21, but the time to sign up if you want to participate is now. The event, in its third year, is actually a part of a series of events that day happening in 327 cities around the world, so that's a pretty big stage.

Just hope it doesn't rain.

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