Sophie Theallet Hearts Pocahontas


We settled into our seats at Sophie Theallet early this morning not knowing what to expect. The French transplant made a stir last season by casting all black models (she swears it wasn't political) and while sipping our morning coffees we could already spot Hamish, Kate Lanphear and Grace Coddington getting ready to take notes.

The show began with folky, Native American-inspired garb that would have made Pocahontas swoon. But the footwear gave us pause - We're not exactly sure what Sophie was going for, but each model walked the runway in UGG-looking winter boots, made by Sorel, as in, the company that makes those puffy snowboots I stopped wearing when I turned 13.

But after getting used to the giant furballs below, we really enjoyed the clothes. The dresses were extremely pretty - small floral prints, sheer chiffon overlays, gorgeous sunburnt orange and autumn leave colors with intricate detail such as a band of fringe along the arm, or piping detailing along the neck and chest.

The whole collection managed to channel the Native American look without going overboard. Actually, if Pocahontas were alive today (and living in Brooklyn) she probably would have bought everything in the collection. Well, except for the footwear that is.


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