Adventures in Copyright: Bebe is Not YSL

caged heel adventures.jpg

Everyone was up in arms over Bebe's Louis Vuitton rip-off last month.

They've officially entered the realm of designer shoe rip-offs, though they're not very good at it. Their "France" shoe was an embarrassment to the Louis version - unless adding and subtracting details and changing the proportions is their attempt to thwart us.

Either way, it's easy to see where they got the inspiration for their caged heel. You can't buy the platform, peep-toe stiletto online yet, but we found it here and in stores.

The original, the Spring Summer YSL, is so much cooler not because it's YSL, but because the caged heel so perfectly mirrors the leather cage pattern over the foot. Not to mention it lacks the front platform that kind of pushes the shoe from sexy to hooker.

If Bebe wants into the world of rip-offs, they're going to have to do better than this.

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