Cupcake Truck Update: Not Only Is It Real…

There's been a bit of chatter on the internet that the new cupcakes and cookies truck, Cassie's Cupcakes, spotted by our correspondent the other day might be a ruse. There have been no other sightings, no further evidence: "A part of me wants to believe the original photo was doctored, to crazy up this CupcakeTruckGate a bit," posits Serious Eats.

Let us say for starters, we just don't have that kind of time on our hands. But what we do have is some additional evidence to share, some info we failed to drop the other day.

The truck had two employees decked out in cupcake shirts (and a gal with a video camera) on the street, working the corners on Spring and Broadway, selling cupcakes and cookies out of boxes. So we might not just be dealing with a new sweets truck, but a new truck with an unorthodox and aggressive approach. Or, of course, it could be an elaborate high school fund raiser.
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