Delivery Man Caught on Video Tossing Package on Long Island

A UPS spokeswoman told NBC New York the seasonal employee has been fired.

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    Deliveryman now fired for being caught in the act. (Published Friday, Dec. 23, 2011)

    Surveillance video from a Long Island home shows a UPS delivery worker making a crude hand gesture, then flinging a package onto the front porch of his customer on Dec. 15.    

    It's enough to make you wonder who's handling your last-minute package. 
    A UPS representative told NBC New York the delivery man was a seasonal employee.
    "We don’t tolerate such conduct," said UPS spokeswoman Natalie Godwin. "And yes, he was fired,”
    The delivery gone bad on in East Northport comes just days after video of a FedEx employee went viral. The employee is seen heaving a computer monitor over the fence to a Southern California home.
    After the FedEx employee's conduct became a hit on the internet, a company vice president issued his own YouTube video apologizing and promising the delivery employee would no longer work with customers.