NYPD Search Dogs to Aid in Washington Mudslide Search | NBC New York

NYPD Search Dogs to Aid in Washington Mudslide Search

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    Two NYPD search dogs are headed across the country to help in the search efforts following the mudslide in Washington that has killed at least 30 people, police say.

    The dogs, German shepherds named Hondo and Timoshenko, and their partners, Patrick Nee and Benjamin Colecchia, flew to Washington to aid in search and rescue efforts after the March 22 disaster, according to the NYPD.

    The dogs and their handlers are part of a New York City task force made up of police officers, firefighters, and emergency workers trained for disaster relief, police say.

    In addition to the K-9 units, the team includes rescue specialists, emergency doctors, paramedics, structural engineers and hazardous materials teams.

    The task force has also worked in other disasters, including Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma City bombing.