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Snake On A Plane: NJ Man Accused of Groping Fellow Passengers

New Jersey man accused of assaulting fellow passengers

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    Two women claim they were groped by a fellow passenger during a flight from Newark, New Jersey to Orange County, California last week.  One of those women says it happened while she was napping.

    James Dalton Bratcher, of New Jersey, faces federal charges of knowingly causing sexual contact with another person without that person's permission.

    The alleged victims give a few more details.  One told an FBI agent she was asleep on Continental Flight 787 Friday when a man grabbed her breast.  She claims he groped her a second time, so she complained to a flight attendant.

     Another woman also notified the Continental security staff that she had been groped too.  Both women identified Bratcher as the man who had done it.

    Federal agents arrested Bratcher on Sunday when he was boarding a flight headed back to Newark. He's been held without bond ever since.  Today, he'll appear in court in Orange County.  There's no word yet how he'll plead in the case or whether he's denying the charges.