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Tragically Hip: Kobi Levi's Conceptual Footwear Stopped Us in Our Tracks




    There are certain things that get stuck in our heads. This shoe -- and a host of others by freelance designer-turned-shoe-sculptor Kobi Levi -- is one such thing.

    When Fashionista ran this photo earlier in the week, we clicked. But after passing along to everyone in our gChat lists, we decided to share. Turns out, some of Levi's other styles are quite (nearly) wearable.

    Upon first -- and second -- glance, the blush pink "XXX Pump" wouldn't be out of sorts against a Chanel tweed blazer. And the Sling-Shot stilleto thong sandal could have been in second-finish contention for the Suno Spring 2011 footwear splash, right?


    Out of curiosity, we e-mailed Levi to inquire about stateside sales, and he thanked us, stating that he's "looking into options of limited-edition production."

    We can only hope.