counterfeit goods

  • Super Bowl LIV Jan 31

    Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Fake Merch Ahead of Super Bowl

    The display looked like something you would see in a real store. NFL jerseys, hats, jewelry and more, attractively laid out, colors dazzling any would-be shoppers. Except that it wasn’t a store, and all of the merchandise was counterfeit, put there by law enforcement agencies to make a point to the assembled news media. “When fans and consumers spend...

  • counterfeit goods Dec 31, 2019

    Alleged NYC Counterfeit Sneaker Importer Busted in DC Area: Feds

    A man allegedly part of a ring importing counterfeit sneakers for sale in New York City has been arrested at a Washington-area airport, federal authorities said. Qing Fu Zeng was taken into custody last Friday at Dulles International Airport on an arrest warrant issued under seal Dec. 6. He is in the process of being transferred back to New York,…

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