• Harvard University Jun 18

    Rapper IDK to Launch Music Business Program at Harvard

    Rapper IDK is launching a music business program at Harvard University for students of color

  • Harvard University Jun 17

    Rapper IDK to Launch Music Business Program Through Harvard

    Rapper IDK is launching a music business program through Harvard University for students of color.

  • Donald Trump Mar 22, 2018

    Can Zuckerberg's Media Blitz Take the Pressure Off Facebook?

    In the wake of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg embarked on a rare media mini-blitz in an attempt to take some of the public and political pressure off the social network. But it’s far from clear whether he’s won over U.S. and European authorities, much less the broader public whose status updates provide...

  • Congress Mar 21, 2018

    Crisis Experts Say Facebook Has Mishandled the Data Scandal

    The crisis-management playbook is pretty simple: Get ahead of the story, update authorities and the public regularly, accept responsibility and take decisive action. Crisis-management experts say that until Wednesday, Facebook was 0-for-4. Facebook’s two top executives, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, went radio silent after news broke last Friday that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica may...

  • Donald Trump Mar 19, 2018

    Social Media Firms Got Played by Russian Agents: Indictment

    Friday’s election-interference indictment brought by Robert Mueller, the U.S. special counsel, underscores how thoroughly social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter were played by Russian propagandists. And it’s not clear if the companies have taken sufficient action to prevent something similar from happening again. Thirteen Russians, including a businessman close to Vladimir Putin, were charged Friday in a plot to interfere...

  • Associated Press Feb 6, 2018

    Trump May Not Testify in Russia Probe: Sources

    President Trump may not testify in the Russia investigation according to sources close to his attorneys. The New York Times reports President Trump’s lawyers do not want him to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. Meanwhile, the House Committee has agreed to release the Democrats’ counter-version of the GOP’s FBI memo, but Trump has final say...

  • Donald Trump Apr 10, 2017

    Trump Jobs Demands Force Automakers Into Political Conflict

    President Donald Trump’s relentless push for more manufacturing jobs has forced the auto industry into a delicate dance of contradictions in order to keep him happy, tell the truth, and avoid alienating customers in both red and blue states. Toyota did the waltz with Monday’s announcement that it would spend $1.33 billion to retool its gigantic factory in Georgetown, Kentucky,...

  • Donald Trump Jan 26, 2017

    How a Trump Tariff Could Sideswipe US Auto Industry

    The threat from President Donald Trump to tax Mexican-made cars sold in the U.S. would throw the industry into disarray, analysts say, forcing some uncomfortable choices: Raise car prices or swallow the cost. Stop selling Mexican-made cars in the U.S. but risk losing customers. Move production to the U.S. but make less money. “I don’t think the auto industry would...

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