Darryl Strawberry Has Advice For Joba

It's become somewhat apparent over the last few days that having the New York Yankees in the playoffs is good for the safety of citizens in Nebraska. That's because when the Yankees miss the postseason it gives Joba Chamberlain a lot of free time to drive around drunk and get into scuffles at local strip clubs.

Of course, Joba's run-in with Nebraska police has brought up many questions about his maturity. After all, Chamberlain is only 23 years old, and the celebrity of being a New York Yankee can get to a kid's head after a while. It's something that Darryl Strawberry knows all too well, though he experienced it as a Met, and he has some advice for Joba.

"I told [Yankees executive Ray Negron] I think the main thing for Joba right now is he needs to look at himself in the mirror and evaluate himself, more than anything," Strawberry said yesterday morning. "At that age, in the situation he's in with the Yankees, it's easy to think you can do whatever you want to do. But that's just the beginning.

"If Joba was smart, he would walk right across his clubhouse and sit down next to Derek Jeter and talk to him about responsibilities and living life the right way," Strawberry said. "If he was really smart after what just happened, there's a guy right in your clubhouse on your team who can help you. Ask him for some advice. Ask him the things you should do. And he'll sit down with you and tell you.

"But you've got to be willing to put your pride to your side, say I got this, and then go over and ask the guy who's been there from day one. Look at his reputation. Look at what he's done.

"That's what Joba can learn. He can learn a lot if he really wants to. He can learn about what it is like to be a person who has the spotlight on him and all this attention. There are things he should know he just can't do. It's important. We all hope he sees that and understands that."

Yes, Derek can teach Joba about the art of picking up supermodels and actresses in New York so he doesn't have to resort to trolling for Nebraska strippers. Oh, and Strawberry's other piece of advice for Joba?

If Dwight Gooden offers you coke, say no.

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