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Life-Size Kobe Bobblehead. Worst. Decoration. Ever.



    Life-Size Kobe Bobblehead. Worst. Decoration. Ever.
    Just imagine an oversized version of that face in your living room. A must have.

    Want to prove you are a REALLakers fan?

    You can own a life-sized Kobe Bryant bobblehead. Imagine what will happen when people walk in your front door and are greeted by a 6’6” Kobe Bryant with an oversized bobbing head. We promise, that will be a conversation piece.

    For just $13,000 — and who doesn’t have that laying around right now? — you can pre-order this item, which will ship this fall and be in your home in time for next season to start.

    Imagine the joy of being able to watch a Lakers game on television with an enormous Kobe Bryant head constantly nodding behind you. Nothing creepy about that at all.

    Single men, don’t think this will hurt your chances with the ladies, when you finally convince them to come back to your house and they see a six-foot Kobe Bryant statue smiling and nodding at them. This should help close the deal.

    Act now. Don’t wimp out and get the regular sized version. Go big or go home — that’s what a real Lakers fan would do.

    Kurt Helin's enormous head writes at Forum Blue & Gold.