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John Maine Just Isn't That Into You

Maine needs to come up with a better angle



    John Maine Just Isn't That Into You
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    Thanks to John Maine, we now know that the Mets' issues when talking to the media extend beyond the management team.

    Maine pitched poorly Sunday, allowing five runs on three hits and three walks without completing an inning, but it wasn't the end of the world. He didn't hurt himself, no small issue where Maine is concerned, and we're still far enough away from the start of the season to avoid getting too fussy about a bad outing. Maine, though, did his best to make your blood boil after the contest.

    "My mechanics felt fine," Maine said. "I just wasn't kind of that into it. It wasn't good. It's just I wasn't all that prepared. The feeling that it's not my game is the hardest thing. It's a waste of a day."

    Yet more proof that what works as a plotline for an episode of "Sex and the City" doesn't work as an excuse for why you got hammered during a professional baseball game.

    The reason Maine felt it wasn't his game was because Johan Santana got the start -- but it's not like he was rushed into service out of nowhere. He showed up for the game knowing he was going to pitch. He knew he'd be starting an inning, knew that the game situation wouldn't matter half as much as getting his work in and, in short, had no excuse not to be prepared and not to be into the game because he was used in relief.

    You don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but what an aggravating thing to hear from a guy who always seems to have some card to play after a rough outing.

    There's nothing wrong with being honest in self-evaluation -- the Mets could probably use a bit more honesty, in fact -- if you're going to use those evaluations to make things better the next time out.

    Years of listening to Maine, however, make it feel like he's simply accepting shortcomings and not finding ways to fight through them.

    Dimestore psychology, perhaps, but that's the way it feels after hearing Maine say he wasn't into pitching in relief as a result of a rainout. Little about life is ideal and you have to find a way to succeed in spite of obstacles. Just throwing up your hands and accepting a negative fate shouldn't be an option.