Flowers and Powders Are Among Whole Foods' Top Food Trends for 2018

Flowers, powders and functional mushrooms may make it into your daily diet this year, according to Whole Foods Market’s annual forecast.

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Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Floral flavors are in full bloom this year with edible flowers incorporated into drinks and snacks.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Powders like matcha, cacao and tumeric are increasingly making their way into coffee drinks, nutrition bars, soups and baked goods.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
You may find yourself sipping on functional mushrooms in 2018. Reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane are just a few varieties being infused into bottled drinks, coffees and teas.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Middle Eastern cuisines will heavily influence 2018 food trends, according to Whole Foods. You will specifically see plenty of ingredients, spices and dishes used in Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian and Lebanese culture.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Transparency will continue to be valued in 2018. Consumers want more than product labeling--but the whole story behind their food.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Science and technology have revolutionized plant-based diets and dishes, creating new alternatives to meat, fish and dairy products.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
New technology has transformed the classic chip. New methods of extrusion have placed popped and puffed chips in the spotlight.
Courtesy of Whole Food Market
New varieties of the classic taco are popping up everywhere for both breakfast and dessert.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Don't throw out your watermelon rinds or broccoli stems-- these trending foods will be integral ingredients in creative recipes this year.
Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
LaCroix sparked the way, and now new and unique sparkling beverages seem to be everywhere.
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