Man Asks for $3, Tries to Rape TSA Worker on Way to JFK Airport: Sources

He first approached her on the subway and asked for $3

A TSA worker on her way to Kennedy Airport Thursday was attacked by a man who tried to rape her after she wouldn't give him $3, NBC 4 New York has learned.
Law enforcement sources say the man first approached her on the A train at about 3 a.m., putting his arm around her and asking for the money.
She said she didn't have it to give him, and when she got off at the Howard Beach stop, he followed her off the train, and told her he was going to have sex with her because she refused to give him money.
He then threw her against the wall at the station, licked her face, pulled his pants down and tried to pull her towards him to perform a sex act.
She tried to push him away but he was overpowering her and she screamed for help, sources said.
The suspect fled as some people approached the platform, and the victim ran to the token booth clerk, who called 911.
Police arrested him a short time later at a different subway stop. 
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