The World's Largest Matzo Ball

It's made from 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine and a whole lot of matzo meal. Eat it if you dare.

It's arguably the world's largest matzo ball and it weighs in at 267 pounds, and is 29.2 inches across.

This mouthful was created to raise money for a charity game between the New York Knicks and Israeli basketball team Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv.

Proceeds from the Oct. 18 game will benefit Migdal Ohr, an orphanage in northern Israel.

The massive matzo was cooked up for nearly 20 hours in a custom-made 100-gallon kettle in New Jersey,  according to the Daily News, then brought to the Lower East Side and unveiled Thursday. 

"What's better than this in New York City?" asked Noam Sokolow, owner of Noah's Ark Deli and an organizer of the event. "Big Apple, big matzo ball, big basketball game."

The giant culinary creation was cut into smaller pieces and doled out to diners at the Good Companions Senior Center on Madison Street, a provider of low-cost kosher lunches and fitness programs.

"This is not like my mother's matzo balls," Seymour Kestenbaum, 91, complained to the News as he dug in to the meal. "I love matzo balls, [but] they have to be like my mother's."

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