The Future of Coney Is a Festival of Lamps

Get your morning scoop on one developer's Coney Island summer plans, the doctor of the future, an upcoming depot for fresh Maine lobsters and the eternal fate of a dead pigeon in today's local blog round-up.

  • Joe Sitt, the developer currently set on turning Coney Island into a waterfront destination, is said to be sticking by his promise of bringing attractions this summer. His earlier plan for a flea market bordered on illegality, so it's been rehashed and represented as "Festival by the Sea," essentially a flea market with a food court and a tent full of lamps. Awesome. Who needs Astroland when we can have lamps? [Kinetic Carnival]
  • Williamsburg's Dr. Jay Parkinson, 33, is being hailed as "The Doctor of the Future" in a newly published Fast Company article. He's teamed up with the Canadian software company Myca Health to launch their medical platform this summer, described as "part electronic medical record, part practice-management system, and part social-networking site, complete with profiles and photos of doctors and patients, all in a secure environment that complies with federal privacy standards." Who knew the future of medicine is being crafted on the banks of the East River? [Fast Company]
  • Why drive up to Maine every week when you can have the husband-wife team of Susan Povich and Ralph Gorham do it for you? They're opening the Red Hook Lobster Pound [284 Van Brunt Street] in Red Hook on April 24, and plan to do just that every week of the season. While it's not officially a restaurant, they might end up offering them steamed to paying customers. [Brownstoner]
  • A local blogger found himself in the midst of "an eerie birdwatching moment" when he spotted a dead pigeon stuck behind the bars of a street-level window. Everything else about the building seemed clean and well-kept, so this poor little guy must have just been overlooked, left to hang on to the bars until his captors set him free. [Sheepshead Bites]
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