“SNL” Takes Another Shot at Blind Governor


Gov. David Paterson has been publicly silent since "Saturday Night Live" took a second jab at the blind governor over the weekend.

"SNL"'s Fred Armisen was back at it again doing his Paterson impression on Saturday. Armisen's version of Paterson read note cards with binoculars and referred to upstate New Yorkers as "upstate Goonies" and "freak shows." He also cracked several New Jersey jokes.

He also criticized his own choice of Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton as New York's junior senator and his ascension into power in New York.

The real Gov. Paterson had no immediate comment, according to the New York Post.

Paterson, who is legally blind, was quick to speak out in December after a sketch mocked him with a litany of blind jokes. He referred to that sketch as a "third-grade depiction of people and the way they look."

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