NYC Area Basks in Record-Setting Temps

Tri-State residents lounged in parks, brunched at sidewalk cafes and did their holiday shopping in T-shirts Sunday as the record-breaking temperatures continued to bask the area in warmth.

A high of 64 degrees was expected Sunday, which would match or exceed record temperatures all over the city.

On Saturday, temperatures climbed to record highs in several areas of the region.

The town of Islip on Long Island appeared to be the area's hotspot with a record-setting 68 degrees, according to Storm Team 4.

Record highs were also set at LaGuardia Airport, where the thermometer topped out at 66 degrees, JFK Airport at 64 degrees and Bridgeport, Connecticut, at 61 degrees.

Saturday's temperatures set records all over New Jersey.

Trenton hit a record 68, one degree hotter than the previous record set in 1931. It was a balmy 71 in Atlantic City, also a record.

Fog was expected to descend on parts of the region Sunday night, with temperatures dropping to 53 degrees.

Monday was expected to be breezy and mild, with showers hitting late in the day, if not earlier, and temperatures reaching 62 degrees. Tuesday temperatures could hit 60.

Wednesday and Thursday highs were expected to hover in the mid 50s, and temperatures could get cooler from there.

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