Peacock Makes Itself at Home in Queens Neighborhood

The origin of the brightly-feathered bird is still a mystery for the Kew Gardens residents who've seen it on rooftops and lawns

Residents in Kew Gardens are puzzled as to why a peacock made itself at home in their neighborhood, hanging out on front lawns and on rooftops and eluding animal care and control officials.

The biggest mystery may be where the brightly-colored bird came from.

Angela Isakaharov saw it Monday night and said “all the neighbors came out, were looking at it and then it flew on top of my roof and was standing there for maybe an hour.”
The peacock -- or peahen -- has been captured by cell phones and the anxious eyes of people in the neighborhood over the past week. Ronnie Aziz's dog alerted him that the bird was camping out on his lawn and he couldn’t believe what he saw. 
“You don’t see something like this every day," he said. "It’s very big and nice with the tail. It’s very pretty.” 
Miriam Schwartz says her young kids are excited when they spot the bird but went on to say she feels sorry for the bird because people are feeding it.
"They don’t know what the bird is really supposed to eat," she said.
No local zoo has reported the bird missing so it is still a mystery as to where it belongs. A spokesman for the city’s Animal Care and Control Department told NBC 4 New York after circling the neighborhood, their crews had yet to see the peacock. 

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