Public Won't Accept Another A-Rod Lie

Alex Rodriguez came clean on Monday -- well sort of -- admitting he used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003 when he played with the Texas Rangers. The baseball mega-star said he has not done steroids since 2003.

At least that's a start for the man who has been called everything from "A-Fraud" to "A-Roid" in the last week.

But he better not be lying this time. The public will not accept another lie.

Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum once said: "Yesterday I was lying. Today I'm telling the truth."

Well I guess that explains why A-Rod lied to Katie Couric in an interview in 2007. A-Rod told her he never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Monday he told ESPN’s Peter Gammons that he wasn't being honest with himself at the time, so how could he have been honest with Katie Couric. Say what?

A-Rod's comments are confusing to say the least. He says player’s union head honcho Gene Orza told him back in 2004 that he may or may not have tested positive in the union's random drug survey in 2003. Say what?
The Yankees slugger said he never investigated the test results any further. Are you kidding me? He wanted to find out if you tested positive or negative? Wouldn't it have been a good thing to know the results?

A-Rod could have hit a grand slam in the ninth inning here, but as usual, he failed to come through in the clutch and hit a weak single through the infield.

A-Rod needs to take voluntary urine and blood tests every week for the rest of his career. That way everything is out in the open.

He needs to be a man and accept all responsibility for his actions in the past and take all responsibility going forward. A-Rod must admit he craves the public's trust and promise not let anyone down in the future.

A-Rod has nine years left on his contract with the Yankees. He has a chance to do what Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens could not do; perform at a superstar level without the cloud of drugs.

A-Rod has another week to get his act and facts together before he meets the media crush in spring training in Tampa Bay.

Don't blow it Alex. Be smart. Take the hits now and you'll have plenty of chances later to get big hits on the field and in the court of public opinion.

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