Police-Involved Shooting Comes After Weekend Crime Spree: NYPD

What to Know

  • Rookie cop was injured and young woman shot in the Concourse section of the Bronx Monday morning during police-involved shooting, NYPD says
  • NYPD says group went on a crime spree starting Sunday morning and carjacked; police say a stolen car was located Monday by Bronx courthouse
  • Police say one of alleged carjackers had a court date for unrelated matter; Rookie cop responded to site of the car and shooting took place

A crime spree that began over the weekend ended Monday with a rookie police officer being injured and a young woman shot in the Concourse section of the Bronx, police say.

According to NYPD, two men and two women, who they say may likely be teenagers, went on a crime spree stretching three different boroughs starting Sunday around 6 a.m.

Police say the group initially carjacked someone in the Bronx, drove to lower Manhattan where they robbed three people on the street, before they drove to Brooklyn and carjacked someone else.

On Monday, the two women and one man from the group drove the stolen car to the criminal courthouse in the Bronx. Allegedly, one of the suspects had a court appearance on an unrelated matter.

The plate on the alleged stolen car was picked up by an NYPD plate reader and a 24-year-old rookie police officer responded and approached the car.

According to police, the three people inside the car tried to get away, but ended up pinning the officer in between their car and another parked vehicle. This led to the rookie cop pulling out her gun and firing at the female driver multiple times, police say.

NYPD says the rookie cop, who sustained injuries to her hip and other parts of the body, is in stable condition, while the female driver is in critical condition due to multiple gunshot wounds.

At midday, a large police presence was at the scene at Sheridan Avenue and East 162nd Street.

The fourth person involved in the car jacking spree over the weekend was not involved in this incident, but still remains at large, police say.

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