One-Eyed Dog Meets Doppelganger in Chance Encounter at Store

These identical one-eyed Cavalier King Charles spaniels were total strangers until their chance meeting in a store in Charleston, South Carolina, in November 2016. Their owners were shocked to find their dogs, Flirt and Winnie, were mirror images of each other. Read on for more.

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Emily Stern
Emily Stern, 19, was out shopping at a Michaels craft store with her dog Flirt when she met Allie Smith Frenz, 28, with her dog Winnie.
Emily Stern
The spaniels are mirror images of each other, and their owners were shocked. Stern said she just had to snap some photos.
Emily Stern
Flirt, 8, and Winnie, 15, are both rescue dogs. Flirt lost an eye when she'd been rushing to get into a room with a litter of puppies, and the door shut before she could pass through it, the trauma of which caused her eye to fall out. Winnie lost her eye from an infection.
Emily Stern
Stern adopted Flirt about three years ago; Frenz got Winnie as a wedding present from her husband in July 2013.
Emily Stern
Flirt and Winnie have developed a furry friendship.
Emily Stern
Since their fateful meeting, the spaniels, who live 10 minutes away from each other, have appeared in a Christmas parade together. They also belong to a Charleston social club for their breed.
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