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Off the Rails: Subway Stampedes, a Beer Called ‘Delayed' and a Busker Who Has Never Given Up

The first week of March featured a busker on a huge mission, a stampede and a silver lining to the nor'easter delays

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This is the second in a new NBC 4 series documenting happenings on the New York City subway from week to week. Some 5.6 million people ride the subway each day, which makes it not only a hot spot for talent scouting and people watching, but also a snow-globe of sorts for some of the strangest behavior in the city.

This week: an chihuahua named Voldemort faces its fears, a man reserves a seat for his sandwich and a New Yorker who has been busking in the subway for decades raises more than $30,000 in a week.These are the top 4 moments from the subway Mar. 2  to 9.

1. Stuck in the Turnstiles

The subway station at 181st Street was so packed during rush hour Friday morning people were seen stuck in the turnstiles with people lined up in front and behind them.

The weekend in the New York subway got off to a cramped start as people found themselves stuck in this unbelievable jam of bodies during rush hour at 181st Street.

Video showed the station so packed that there was a line from the platform to outside the station, with the overcrowding so severe people were literally stuck in the turnstiles.

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2. NYC Subway Busker Makes More Than $35,000 in a Week

Mike Yung doing what he does every day: singing in the New York subway.

A New York busker who has been working in the subway for 38 years launched a Kickstarter to fund his debut album this week, and the people got behind him to the tune of more than $35,000.

Mike Yung is such a talented singer that he was offered a record deal at 14. However the record company went out of business, and Yung was left busking in the subway every day to support his family. 

After being scouted for 'America's Got Talent" in 2017 and launching a Kickstarter, with the help of his friends, Yung may now have the chance to release the album he always dreamed of -- at the ripe age of 58.

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3. Terrified Subway Riders Stampede

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A Manhattan subway station became the scene of a human stampede Wednesday. After an arcing cable set off flames and smoke as the peak afternoon rush got underway at 96th Street, people started running.

A Twitter post described belongings scattered on the train platform as people fled. Another user recounted the abject chaos.

The FDNY says one person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries after the mayhem unfolded.

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4. Brewery Launches 'Delayed' Beer at Penn Station

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The timing couldn't be better. As a vicious nor'easter was causing train pain for many, a Long Island brewery was launching its aptly named beer 'Delayed' at Penn Station.

Just in time for the nor'easter's anticipated delays on mass transit, Blue Point re-released 'Delayed' with a launch party at Shake Shack, with the first 100 people to buy a 'Delayed' beer at Shake Shack also getting a free burger.

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Subway Dogs of the Week: Scared Chihuahua, Adorable Greyhound

Voldemort the chihuahua may be named after the lord of darkness, but he doesn't love the underground, he thinks it's too loud and too crowded. But like many New Yorkers, he puts on a brave face and gets out there anyway. 

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Meanwhile Elvis, the Italian greyhound, was loving the commute this week. His owner says 10-year-old rescue Elvis loves getting attention from strangers, and staring at new humans. Because we all know the subway is the best place for people-watching, right?

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Subway Etiquette: Seat Saved for Sandwich

And finally, there's manspreading, and then there's sandwich..err...spreading. A commuter snapped a photo of a fellow straphanger who had saved a seat for his backpack -- and his beloved sandwich -- on the 'F' train Friday. 

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