More Than a Dozen Homes Broken Into in String of Queens Burglaries

Police are searching for at least one suspect in connection with more than a dozen burglaries in several Queens neighborhoods.

Surveillance footage of a suspect and a tan minivan were released by police Tuesday. The footage is from a burglary on January 25 in which the suspect or suspects snuck into a home through a window and stole jewelry.

The burglary is one in a pattern of at least 16 burglaries in the Queens Village and Bellerose area. The first reported burglary was the one on January 25, but since then, three more were reported in February, five more in March and seven so far this month.

The homes have been broken into through either side doors or rear windows at hours throughout the day, but especially in the afternoon or early evening.

Homes throughout the neighborhoods have been hit, but the suspects appear to be targeting homes on side streets in the 240s, 250s and 260s.

The burglar or burglars have stolen a slew of valuables, including jewelry, cash, watches, passports, cameras, electronics, phones, and even a TV, according to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

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