New Jersey

NJ Transit Cabin Door Open While Moving, Video Shows

A New Jersey Transit train rode along the tracks with an open passenger cabin door, a video from a rider shows.

Julianne Bond said she was on train 3171 during her Friday evening commute when she noticed the open door leading to the engine and outside while the train was moving.

The 26-second video Bond shot captures the open door as the train is moving, exposing the engine. A passenger is seen sitting nearby the door.

An NJ Transit spokeswoman said the door is programmed to close about 30 to 45 seconds after it initially opens. The door may have been set in manual position after boarding, the spokeswoman said. 

"We strongly encourage customers to immediately report this type of incident to a crew member on board the train," spokeswoman Lisa Torbic said. 

This is the third door problem reported on an NJ Transit train in less than two weeks.

On Monday, rider Gabriel Gall said he was on Northeast Corridor train from Newark Penn Station to Trenton when he noticed a missing safety bar.

And last Tuesday, May 16, rider Jeffrey Spitery captured video of his train cruising along with a door ajar, this one in the vestibule.

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