Meet Original Kreaam Shabazz

Staten Island vying for coolest name ever

Original Kreaam Shabazz, please stand up. 

Kyle Joseph Campbell, who unsuccessfully tried last year to change his name to Black Cream Allah is pushing for a new moniker -- Original Kreaam Shabazz, the Staten Island Advance reported.

Campbell, a member of the Nation of Islam, attempted to change his name to Black Cream Allah, but was denied by a judge last year because the name was deemed sacrilegious and offensive.

"Black Cream" comes from a song by rap artist Ghostface Killah. Because of its association with the hip-hop song and controversial religious undertones, judges have put the kibosh on the name-change request.

""I was [upset], but when I sat down and thought about it, I understood why he did it," said Campbell, 29, of the name-change rejection.

"Black Cream -- in my nation that's a real strong name. But someone else sees the name and they might take that as funny, like I'm a joke," he said.

So Campbell turned to his second choice, Original Kreaam Shabazz. The papers are currently working their way through the Staten Island courts and it should take a judge about two weeks to reach a decision.

Shabazz is a reference to an "original tribe" of Islam, and could fare better than the controversial choice of "Allah" in the naming process, said Campbell, an assistant manager at a grocery store in West Brighton.

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