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Student Threatened to ‘Shoot Up' NJ School on Friday, District Says; Parents on Edge

What to Know

  • Several months ago, a threat emerged stating that a student would "shoot up" a New Jersey school on Feb. 23
  • Now, with the day here parents are on edge about the safety of students in Mahwah
  • The district said the student behind the threat, and eighth-grader, has been removed from the school for the remainder of the year

Parents in one New Jersey town said they don’t know if they will send their children to class Friday after it was revealed that a student threatened “to shoot up” the school.

School officials in Mahwah sent an alert to parents that several months ago, a student threatened a shooting on Friday.

"Several months ago, a student made a threat "to shoot up" Ramapo Ridge Middle School, on Friday, February 23,” the district said in the statement.

The district said the student, and eighth-grader, had been removed from the school for the remainder of the year and that police were sweeping the school Thursday night to make sure it is safe, and officers have been posted at all five schools in the district since the alert went out.

But some parents said they were still uneasy about the threat, especially following last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead.

“It gives a bit of a bad feeling," said Arock Daravain.

Mug Mahwah officials said they are confident Friday will be a regular day. But Toni Dursemena said he’s worried about the days that follow.

"What happens after Friday or after the 23rd?” he said. “And after the next week? It’s all going to die down, but what’s going to happen come may or graduation?"

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