Auto Theft Crew Stole 80 Luxury Vehicles Worth $3 Million Off NYC Streets: Prosecutors

Fourteen suspects in an alleged auto theft crew have been arrested, accused of stealing more than 80 high-end vehicles valued at a total of $3 million off New York City streets, according to prosecutors. 

When the suspects saw a luxury vehicle it liked at a dealership or in a neighborhood, they took it, prosecutors said. 

Police said the thieves stole and resold luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benzes and BMWs to buyers in Florida, Arizona, California, the Dominican Republic and even Nigeria. 

The suspects would get the VIN number of the targeted car, have a duplicate key made, open the door and drive off, authorities said. The entire process took just four hours. 

In Long Island City, Queens, employees at BKM Car Service knows some of the cars they service are targets, and they go out of the way to make sure their customers' cars stay safe. 

"Everything gets brought inside, everything we have to lock up and everything we have, the alarm system in the shop is secure," said Enrique Patino. 

"It's great to hear that a group like that is off the street," he said. 

Police are still looking for three other suspects in the burglary crew. 

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