Life-Sized Lego Creations Debut in Downtown Brooklyn

Brick Fest Live debuts their life-sized Lego creations in Downtown Brooklyn. The Lego experience at City Point features six interactive exhibits including a Large Lego Pit, a Star Wars Mosaic and Brick Fest Derby that both children and adults can enjoy. Check out the display Dec. 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18. Tickets are on sale for $12-15 at

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Bianca Rosembert
Lego Woody is the first Lego master piece participants can see upon entering the Best Brick Live showcase! (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
This enchanted creation was "free built" of mixed parts. Lego extraordinaire, Carter Baldwin, took one month to make it come alive. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Participants can be a part of this Aztec and European- inspired building by piecing together their own architectural design with white Legos and connecting it to the red board. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Every family can build a section of the puzzle by piecing together one of the 576 sub-Lego boards. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
By the end of the weekend, this blank canvas will turn into 20x20 ft. picture of a mystery Star Wars character made out of 58,000 Lego pieces. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Kids can also grab a seat by the Xbox Live station and play some video games. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Connect your mini masterpiece to the blue board and shine a spotlight on your Lego art! (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Did you know some Legos actually glow in the dark? Hook up an LED light and bam! This room of wonders took Baldwin a few years to build. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
This intricate piece is part of the "Glow Zone" exhibit . (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
Bianca Rosembert
Kids can roll around and create Lego angels in this massive pit of Christmas green Legos.
Bianca Rosembert
"Toy Story's" own "Woody" is brought to life in this Lego creation. (Credit: Bianca Rosembert)
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