Brooklyn “Lesbian Tryst” Teachers to Be Charged

Teachers reassigned pending investigation

Two Romance-language teachers from James Madison High school in Brooklyn -- who allegedly taught their students the meaning of coitus interruptus when they were caught in a classroom lesbian liaison -- will be charged by the Office of Special Investigations, according to a published report.

French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and married Spanish teacher Alini Brito, 30, will be charged with professional misconduct, the Daily News reports.

The pair had been booted from James Madison High School in Midwood after being caught in their "undressed" extracurricular activity by a janitor who ratted them out on Nov. 20.

Students at the Brooklyn school were watching a talent show in the auditorium while the tenured teachers were doing whatever they were doing.

Both teachers had been sent to "rubber rooms" -- reassignment centers where under-suspicion Dept. of Education employees are sent to await their fates -- while they were being investigated for misconduct.

DOE officials now say the allegations have been proven and the teachers will face disciplinary action.

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