Comedian Killed by Stolen SUV as Thieves Try to Outrun Police in Jersey City: Officials

What to Know

  • Umar King, a hearing-impaired FedEx worker and comedian was killed Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car fleeing police in Jersey City
  • Authorities said the car's inhabitants ran by the King's body after the out-of-control vehicle came to a stop
  • The three people in the car ran from the scene; cops say one was caught, but the other two are still at large, one is possibly the driver

A stolen SUV trying to evade police slammed into a bus shelter and killed a man in Jersey City Tuesday, and authorities said its inhabitants ran by the victim's body after the out-of-control vehicle came to a stop.

Umar King, a hearing-impaired FedEx worker and comedian, was waiting on a bus home from work about 5 a.m. on Tuesday when he was run down and killed by a stolen SUV evading cops on Kennedy Boulevard, according to authorities.

Footage from the scene showed the speeding black SUV sliding sideways down the sidewalk after running a light.

The vehicle then skids halfway down the block, demolishing the bus shelter where King had been waiting for less than 15 seconds and hit parked cars with enough force to push them down the sidewalk even further. 

According to Hudson County investigators, the SUV had been stolen. An off-duty officer saw the vehicle zooming through red lights and tried to stop the driver. But the vehicle instead sped up, leading to a pursuit south onto Kennedy Boulevard and to the site of the fatal wreck.

Authorities said that after the crash, three people inside the vehicle got out and ran, passing King's body in the process. One of them, 16, was arrested; Two others thought to be in their late teens are still at large. One of those two teens is thought to be the driver.

Family and friends on Tuesday set up a roadside memorial for King and described him as a great person.

"He didn't wrong anybody," said cousin Shawn King. "He didn't harm anybody. It's tragic he had to suffer that accident."

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