5 of NYC’s Best Italian Restaurants That Won’t Break the Bank, According to Conde Nast Travel

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Jessica and Lon Binder/Flickr
L'Artusi: West Village: Two-level eatery great for couples or people dining alone, according to Conde Nast.
Jason Lam/Flickr
Il Passatore: Brooklyn: This Williamsburg joint is on the ground floor of a three-story apartment building on the Bushwick border. Says Conde Nast, "Feast on the super fresh, house-made lasagna or the potato gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts."
Adam Kuban/Flickr
Lucali: Brooklyn: You've probably heard of this Carroll Gardens pizza spot. But did you know the location used to be a candy store?
David Lifson/Flickr
Bar Pitti: Greenwich Village: It's known for its great outdoor seating area. Conde Nast says it's the perfect joint to take guests looking for an "only in New York" experience.
troye owens/Flickr
Frankies 457 Spuntino: Brooklyn: Also in Carroll Gardens, Conde Nast describes it as "characteristically Brooklyn." It's also got a unique backyard area and a pretty cool bar.
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