79-Year-Old Dog Lover Returns From Hospital, Finds Longtime ‘Best Friend' and Her Pup Stolen

A 79-year-old Queens man who had just come home from a hospital stay went for a walk to his local supermarket and returned home to find his beloved dog, a pet that had been his best friend for eight years, had apparently been stolen, along with her pup, according to a relative and animal advocates. 

It's not clear why Jose Melendez, of Far Rockaway, had been hospitalized, but his son said the dog was stolen the same day he came home, on Saturday. And Melendez's daughter says he's heartbroken. 

The soon to be 8-year-old dog, a possible Yorkie/Maltese or Yorkie/Poodle mix named Perrita, is about 20 pounds and has a stub for a tail with a noticeable bump on it. She has light brown eyes, pink and brown markings on the roof of her mouth and had recently been groomed. 

Perrita's 4-month-old pup, a light brown dog named Teddy, was also taken. 

The family is working on obtaining surveillance video, according to a representative from a pet adoption organization.

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