The Absolute Scariest Haunted Houses in the Tri-State This Halloween

These haunted houses are not for the faint of heart. From terrifying corn mazes to black-out blood baths, there are tons of haunted houses sure to make your skin crawl. Most range from $20 to $50 and are open through the month of October just in time for Halloween.

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The Trail of Terror boasts a never-ending series of walkways, small houses and every type of character you can possibly imagine. General Admission is $15 and the last available opportunity to go is on October 28. More here.
Alexandra Lo Re
New York’s Premier haunted house is back at a brand new haunted location. The haunted house walk-through takes around half an hour while you enter rooms like The Crypt, Hannibal’s Hell and The Killer Clown Room. Tickets range from $30-50 and is open until October 31. More here.
Barn of Terror
This haunt takes place on the Kobbe Farm, the subject of local legend and the home of Mr. Kobbe and his elusive family. Around the fall harvest each year, Kobbe has been spotted wandering the cornfields with his pitchfork, and robed figures have been seen dancing to disturbing sounds coming from the corn rows. Tickets start at $33. More here.
Field of Terror
Years ago Farmer Frank lived and farmed over 100 acres at the East Windsor location. He wanted to develop a bigger better form of human life so he experimented, attempting to cross the genetics of the local town people with some of his vegetation. The results of these failed catastrophes now inhabit the land. Ax Man, his grandson, still tends the crops today. A single pass to enter to field of terror attractions costs $15. More here.
Gateway Playhouse
This visually stunning haunted house is on a 100-year-old estate filled with killer clowns, the demonic and possessed. It's known for its stunning set designs and top-notch actors. It's ranked the number 1 haunted house in the state of New York by Scare Factor. Tickets start at $30. More here.
This attraction is considered "North Jersey's best haunted hayride," and it gets its name from pantophobia: the fear of everything. It revolves around the legend of Cyrus Grain, whose family's old farmland has been developed into a shopping center. He'll do whatever it takes to keep trespassers away. General Admission is $25. More here.
Tod Seelie
The New York City College of Technology presents this annual high-tech haunted hotel for its 20th annual event. Tickets start at $5 for students and $10 General Admission. More here.
Bane Haunted House
More than 100 live actors fill the shadows of this 40,000-square-foot haunted house that was named one of the most terrifying in the nation by BuzzFeed. The Bane Escape Rooms are as talked about as the haunted house itself. Bane calls them as "the largest most immersive Escape Games on the East Coast." One involves fleeing the dungeon of a homicidal maniac and another entails escaping a sinking submarine. Tickets start at $28. More here.
Headless Horseman
“The Resurrection” is the main attraction at this iconic spooky hayride, but it includes several different haunted houses like “Glutton’s Diner” and “Two Raven’s Manor”. Tickets start at $41.95 and the haunted experience runs through November 3. More here.
Chamber of Horrors
The Chamber of Horrors features 3 haunted attractions, a horror stage show, intense lighting and sound as well as over 40 live actors. General Admission is $35. More here.
13th Hour
This NJ Haunted house is based off a secluded family who lived at the farmhouse before a hurricane destroyed their home. It includes three haunted houses and five escape rooms. Escape rooms are an hour long and include rooms like “The Dungeon” and the new “Grand Parlor”. Tickets vary per experience and start at $28. More here.
The Haunt at Rocky Ledge
This haunted house in Westchester touts two skin-crawling haunted houses, a long walk through the woods, and the only corn maze in town. The horror happens every weekend night in October and costs $25. More here.
Legends of Fear
This Connecticut Haunted House features a Haunted hayride and five creepy attractions like the Dark Harvest, the Melon Head Revenge Trail and the all-new Funhouse of Fear. It was given the highest scary rating on Scare Factor for the 2018 season. Tickets start at $25 and the attractions run through November 3. More here.
Bayville Scream Park
This haunted house was voted, “Most Scary” on Long Island for 13 years in a row. The scream park bases itself around Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, the home of a former vampire hunter turned bloodsucker, Barnabus Bay. There are six attractions in total, and they range from the Temple of terror to The Cage. The Scream Park in Long Island is open until November 4 and tickets start at $21.75, depending on the attraction. More here.
Pure Terror Scream Park
This Guinness world record holder for world’s longest horror attraction returns to Monroe with six brand new haunted houses. From the Quarantine Room to Necropolis that allows you to travel down 175 feet into the crypt of the evil dead, you definitely don’t want to miss this creepy attraction. Tickets start at $41.30 and the haunted house runs through November 3. More here.
Darkside Haunted House
This Long Island terror house has been around for more than two decades and is featured in Buzz Feed’s Top 25 Haunted Houses in the U.S. The house is based in a deserted field, and inside you’ll encounter an outdoor attraction called “The Village” and an indoor one called “The House.” Tickets start at $25 and the attraction runs through November 3. More here.
Brighton Asylum
According to legend, Brighton Asylum housed high-risk patients back in the 1940s. After medical experiments and staff disappearances were revealed, the asylum was shuttered in 1952. Visitors explore the eerie asylum itself, as well as a network of dark tunnels that connected its buildings. The Today Show called it "The Scariest Place on Earth." The haunted house runs through November 3. More here.
Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns
The most family-friendly event on this list returns to Long Island this year for its seventh year in a row. Over 50,000 hand-carved pumpkins will be in attendance this year through October 29. Tickets start at $26 for adults, $22 for children. More here.
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